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Morning Jeanne!

Thank u so much for coming over Thursday evening. Me and my boyfriend have followed everything you said and already Coco is SO much calmer.

Ben was off yesterday so he was able to lots of 'training' with her yesterday and when I got home from work she was like a different dog!!!!


Dear Jeanne,

Thank you for getting in touch. Within just a couple of days of your visit we saw almost instant signs of improvement. Max has responded well to the techniques you showed us, and already has stopped barking and jumping up when we get home. I feel more in control in the house and am working on the same ideas in the garden which is improving. We have been out in the car with him again taking your advice and he sat in the boot much calmer without panting heavily and trying to pace about. We are taking him on short walks to hopefully build on this over the coming weeks.

Your theories make so much sense, we now understand life through Max's eyes and are making it calmer and more manageable for him.

Thank you so much for your advice



Hi there,

I was going to drop you a note. I am not sure where Wilfred has gone but I do have a lovely black cavapoo who sits for food etc.

He only grumbles when he gets something he thinks Arthur's going to take away. He sleeps on my bed with Arthur, so i have no room to move but I really don't mind. He does not go under the table moaning all day he just wants to play most of the time. He really is a different dog I just hope he does not go backwards!

Many thanks for all you did it was really worth the money. I now have two lovely, proper happy dogs albeit they can be naughty.

I will get in touch if I need any further guidance but hope, in the nicest way, that won't be necessary.



Hi Jeanne,

I've yet to master the skill of technology whilst walking so Chester's improved walking skills have not yet been filmed. at least not successfully!

He has however developed immaculate table manners and has taken to sitting down when he eats. It still amazes us that such small changes can make such a difference. Chester is a much calmer & happier dog as are we as his owners. He is now permanently with us and that has also made all the difference.

Again, thank you so much for your help.

Estie & Nicky Wilson


Hi Jeanne,

Thanks so much for the action plan, I can't believe I am seeing a difference in Rustie already!! Seems much calmer, thank goodness & I am much more positive!!

Here is a photo of her calm & in the lounge on my lap last night!!

150327Early December we enlisted the services of Jeanne Handley from Calmer Canines to help with our two staffs. They are generally good dogs but there were a few things that we needed to work on - some stubbornness mainly. This was what we thought it was.

Jeanne explained a huge amount about dog communication that we didn't know - and we have researched a lot! We discovered that (although Louie's itching is food allergy related and we solved that), some of his itching is stress related - we now understand how a dog can be stressed even though he has a charmed life!

A month on and we are always working on their training - it is a constant in our lives now but has made a massive difference. I can't explain how worth it Jeanne's visit was. I do wish we'd done it earlier. Home life is so relaxed now and our boys are much happier! If you are thinking of a dog trainer I can highly recommend Jeanne. She understands and is amazing - the post visit phone chats have been so useful when we veer off course a bit - she gives tips that seem so small but make a huge difference. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks Jeanne! Xx


Thank you for your e-mail.  Everything is going very well and Bertie's behaviour has improved so much – God knows what is happening to him!  I did the hoovering yesterday, and he was very calm.  I will try turning it on in front of him tonight and just moving it a little and see how we go from there.

Maggie, Chatham

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help you have given us with our new dog Omo. We were worried about how Harley would accept her and had read loads of books, but it was so nice to get some advice from someone who knows what they are doing!  We are referring to our 'Action Plan' and following your advice and whilst she is still a little timid we are so pleased to see Omo come out of her shell after only one week.  She is now an absolute angel!

Sally, Maidstone

Jeanne was excellent and very clear in explaining the method to us and it has worked really well in dealing with the concerns we had with Dolly. All in all Dolly is much calmer and we are in control. The method was very easy to implement and Jeanne was there to give encouragement and guidance at any time.

Sue, Snodland

I have to let you know that my sister, Sarah, was able to stay at my house for an hour and a half yesterday after not being able to stay at all for at least nine months because of the dogs!  She is so allergic to them as usually there is a flurry of fur which she can’t deal with, as it makes her throat close up and her eyes stream. Today [my dogs] were so well behaved I couldn’t believe it. I think you are doing a wonderful job and will recommend you whenever I can.

Claire, Maidstone

Happy New Year! I just wanted to drop you a little note to tell you how marvellous Oscar was over Christmas.  He was like a new dog – everyone was amazed.  When [my guests] arrived, I had his lead on and he was in another room.  I told them to ignore him when he came in – which they did.  It took two goes and after that he gave them a kiss! He went for a long walk with my friend’s daughter, occasionally looking back to make sure I was there but he looked like he was walking around Crufts!  He loved every minute of it – never jumped up at the table when we were eating or made a nuisance.  He brought his toys over to play when dinner was finished, but he laid under the table all the time when we were eating.  I am just so proud of him  and he is so chilled out.  I wanted to thank you very much for all your help.

Ginette, Rochester

I really can't thank you enough to her for helping me to understand how to communicate with my dog.

I have read books and was always on the internet to seek out good advice every time I had a problem with my lively boxer Bibi. She was such a excitable dog and so difficult to control on many occasions. I took her to puppy classes and had personal dog training but nothing worked. It was almost stressful to take her for walk before I met Jeanne.

Jeanne’s method is powerful and effective, yet a very simple process that doesn’t need tools. It is more about understanding the dog. Bibi's behaviour is gradually changing because of Jeanne's advice and encouragement. I am so grateful that I met Jeanne as I know I can still get her advice when I need it.

Akiko, New Maldon


Due to the coronavirus outbreak I am unable to offer home consultations at the moment.  I can however offer you a 2 hour Skype consultation at a reduced cost of £125.  This price includes a 2 hour Skype consultation plus lifetime back-up by phone or email.  If you want to learn more about how I can help you and your dog(s), please get in touch