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Dog First Aid


Earlier this year a colleague of mine invited me to attend one of her Dog First Aid courses that was being held locally.

Why is Dog First Aid important?

I’d never really thought about doing a course in Dog First Aid before – I don’t like the sight of blood and have a really good vet, but I soon realised that the knowledge I was gaining was extremely useful.

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Happy New Year - Dogs and Fireworks

I hope everyone (both human and canine) has enjoyed the Christmas festivities and had a relaxing time with family and friends.


Whilst on the way to visit my sister I notice a sign for half price fireworks and once again thought of all the distressed animals there will be while we humans enjoy the loud crashes and bangs of the New Year celebrations.  We’ve already heard a few fireworks going off locally but thankfully, since using Canine Communication, my dogs both sleep restfully in spite of the noise.

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How to help a dog with Separation Anxiety

When discussing Dog Behaviour, something I frequently get asked for advice on is how to help a dog with separation anxiety.

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Keep Your Dogs Safe This Christmas

With Christmas only a week away the shops are really busy and people are filling their cupboards with Christmas goodies. 

Having dogs who love their food we have many memories of Harvey eating something he shouldn’t …

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Puppy Training: The Best Start For Your Puppy

I’ve received several calls over the last couple of weeks from people with new puppies who would like advice on puppy training. 

Popular belief is that if we take our puppies to socialisation and training classes when they are young we will end up with a perfectly behaved, obedient companion, however this is not always the case …

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What does a waggy tail mean?

An acquaintance rang the other day because her dog, Milo, had unexpectedly bitten someone.  She told me that he was wagging his tail, which she believed meant he was happy, so why had he bitten?  Once she told me more about what had happened, it became clear that she had misread her dog’s body language.

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak I am unable to offer home consultations at the moment.  I can however offer you a 2 hour Skype consultation at a reduced cost of £125.  This price includes a 2 hour Skype consultation plus lifetime back-up by phone or email.  If you want to learn more about how I can help you and your dog(s), please get in touch